The Crystal

Real Name

Crystal James

First Appearance

Whiz Comics #15 (March 1941)

Original Publisher


Created by

Ken Battefield


Crystal James was the leader of a gang of thieves. He used "The Crystal" disguise to protect his identity when he attempted to kidnap his own millionaire ward, Ronnie Keller, and throw off suspicion when he forced her to sign over the entire Keller Estate to himself. However, Ronnie was saved by the efforts of The Companions Three who eventually brought the Crystal to justice.

Powers and Abilities

The Crystal was clever and extremely athletic, especially when making a getaway. He carried conventional weapons such as guns and knives, but he also enjoyed laying elaborate traps, such as "The Death Circle" which would kill anyone who entered it. On at least one occasion, he used a robot decoy to fool his opponents.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Master Comics #14
  • Whiz Comics #15
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