Notable Names

Tetra-None, Tetra-None Hepta-Oct, Alpha-None

First Appearance

PDSH wiki 2014

Created by

Brandon Longstreth, based on the public domain image


The Cyclocks are one of the many races of beings created by the Guardians of Time to watch over various parts of the timestream in multiple universes.

The first Cyclock was Alpha-None who created the first Houses of None starting with Uni-None, Di-None, Tri-None, and Tetra-None. They began mating and created a lineage across billions of years and millions of timelines all while safeguarding their assigned pieces of the timestream.


The Cyclocks are pale skinned, one eyed humanoids. They appear agender but are actually bigender being able to both be pregnant and impregnate at the same time and often do. They require oxygen only for speech as they spend long periods of time in the vacuum of the timestream during repairs. They are formidable fighters and are vastly technologically advanced. Their eyes and brains are specially designed to see changes made to the timestream. They can also 'read' the future before it happens.


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