Dan Hastings

Real Name

Dan Hastings

First Appearance

Star Comics #1 (1937)

Original Publisher


Created by

Clem Gretter

Golden Age Origin

Dan was an officer of the Interplanetary Police, headquartered on Earth. He was often accompanied by the scientist Dr. Carter and his children, Bob and Gloria. Eventually, Dan and Gloria developed a romance. They battled such enemies as Jovas Grid, Vyona Casa, Galada Eutopas and Rad Omeron.

Dan was an extraordinary pilot, demonstrating tremendous courage, cunning and willpower in battle. He was also very athletic and good with his fists. He sometimes wore rocket boots and usually carried a ray gun.


  • Dan was one of the earliest Flash Gordon imitations. Dr. Carter bears a resemblance to Dr. Zarkov, Gloria is similar to Dale Arden and Eutopas is similar to Ming. Dan himself eventually began to resemble Flash, with blonde hair and a red uniform that showed off his muscles.
  • Dan's adventures were published by a variety of companies, but his basic character and supporting cast remained essentially the same. Like most comic characters of the day, details about him varied a little, and his costume was rarely the same in any two comics. Clem Gretter and Fred Guardineer appear to have worked on a number of his early stories.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Star Comics #1-8
  • Cocomalt Big Book of Comics #1
  • Amazing Mystery Funnies vol. 2 #4-5
  • Keen Komics #1
  • Blue Ribbon Comics #1-2
  • Scoop Comics #1-3
  • Dynamic Comics #8, 10, 13, 18-21
  • The Weekender vol. 1 #3
  • Lucky Coyne #1

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