Captain Dan Loomis

Real Name

Daniel Loomis

First Appearance

Space War #1 (Oct. 1959)

Original Publisher


Created by

Joe Gill, Bill Montes


Captain Dan Loomis is selected to find out what happened to the four expeditions to Venus which mysteriously disappeared after landing. Commanding Ship #5, Loomis and his crew land on Venus.

From inside the ship, Loomis and the others note the crews of the previous missions are walking around without helmets, all bearing dazed smiles on their faces.One crew member notes they appear as if the are "zombies".

Loomis orders his men to remain in the ship as he goes out helmetless for a minute. He further orders that they come retrieve him in a minute wearing their helmets.

Outside, Loomis becomes dazed like the others. When he is returned to the ship by his crew, he informs them he was hypnotized by a strange music proliferating over the planet.

Loomis orders the men from the other crews be brought into the ship. The men instantly recover. They all return to Earth to report their findings, observing lost ships from other beings caught in the musical trap as they leave the planet. Plans are made to eradicate the plants that produce the music and prepare Venus for colonization.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Space War #1

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