Real Name


First Appearance

Yankee Comics #1 (1941)

Original Publisher

Harry 'A' Chesler

Created by

Lou Fine

Golden Age Origin

Dandy was the unnamed son of the scientist who created Yankee Doodle Jones. He watched the android's creation from the sidelines. When his father injected the artificial man secret formula that gave him heightened strength, speed,and near-invulnerability, the young boy wished that he, too, would receive an injection But moments later, a group of Nazi's agents broke in and mortally wounded the boy's father. Yankee Doodle Jones fought the Nazis, and the scientist's son was eager to help as well. He injected himself with the secret fluid. While they stopped the Nazis, Dandy's father died, but with his last words he told his son and his creation to use their powers to defend America, giving them their respective codenames.

However, the two heroes didn't really do anything until they were approached by Uncle Sam. Under his orders, they caught and stopped a part of Nazi agent known the Leader and the Hag. They continued adventuring after that. In Yankee Comics #3, Dandy teamed up with Yankee Boy and Johnny Rebel on the pages of a three-part text story spread out throughout the issue.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Yankee Comics #1-4
  • Bulls Eye Comics #11 (Reprint)
  • Dynamite Comics #8 (Reprint)
  • Hello Pal Comics #1

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