The Danger Family
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First Appearance

Open Source Characters on Facebook (February 26, 2014)

Created by

Corey Grant


Doctor Dexter Danger is a world famous scientist & adventurer, who travels the world with his family. Together, they have adventures wherever they go. They fight evil with the Doc's inventions such as Dynamo the Danger Bot, The Danger Mobile (their mobile command center/urban assault vehicle), Danger Plane & the S.S. Danger. Other members of the family include his wife, Debra Danger a.k.a. Mrs. Danger, and their twin children: Danielle & Danny. Last, but not least, Dodger is the family dog.

Powers & weapons

As noted above, the Doctor is always inventing new gadgets to aid them. All the members of the Danger Family are highly trained in hand to hand combat. Dexter is, by far, one of the smartest men on Earth (maybe even the universe) thus making his mind his most powerful weapon.


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