Danny Danger

Real Name

Daniel Danger

First Appearance

Operation: Peril #1 (October-November, 1950)

Original Publisher

American Comics Group

Created by

Leonard Starr and Richard Hughes?

Golden Age Origin

Danny Danger was a private detective who would take on any kind of case. He had an office in New York City on Longview, and an old spinster secretary named Emmy who lived at 420 Vernon Street. He also had a pretty strained relationship with a local police inspector named Gravel of the homicide squad. Danny was a good martial artist, though he often lost fights. He also carried a gun, which he was quick to use. He considered "dames" his one weakness, and it nearly proved fatal in some cases. By today's standards, he would be guilty of frequent sexual harassment, as he referred to women he just met as "baby" and "sweetheart." Danny's exploits made the front page in a number of newspapers, and one of his young female fans organized the Danny Danger Fan Club at Alpha University.

Public Domain Appearances

Operation: Peril #1-12

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