The Daredevil/Wonder Boy

Real Name


First Appearance

Weird Comics #9 (December 1940)

Original Publisher

Fox Features

Created by

Louis Cazeneuve


As the young sidekick of the Eagle, the Daredevil Boy fought Nazis and criminals.

Powers and Abilities


  • Though both the Eagle and Buddy were known to come crashing in through and jumping out of windows always landing safely... Neither were ever shown flying (contrary to what many other sites state). In fact, they once fell from a cliff and had to climb back up and more than once jumped from a plane with parachutes.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Weird Comics #9, 11-20
  • Eagle #1-4 (called "The Wonder Boy" in issue #4)


  • The Eagle didn't seem to care about protecting Buddy's identity for he never once used Buddy's codename within a story! Buddy was always just "Buddy" no matter who was around! "Daredevil Boy" and (in his final appearance only) "Wonder Boy" only appeared in story titles (not even on covers).
    • Some sites claim "Steven Woods" as Buddy's alter-ego but, this name never appeared in a Fox Features comic.
  • Many sites claim Weird Comics #8 as the character's first appearance however, issue #9 clearly shows him meeting the Eagle for the first time.
  • The end of Weird Comics #20 promised the Eagle and Buddy would appear in the next issue however, the twentieth issue was the title's last.

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