The Dark Phantom

Real Name


First Appearance

Adventures into the Unknown #2 (Winter 1948)

Original Publisher


Created by

Frank Belknap Long, Edvard Moritz


The Living Ghost returns to capture Gail Leslie and take her to his lair. Tony Brand enlist the aid of Dr. Vandyke of the Institute for Psychic Research. Vandyke relays the story of The Dark Phantom, "one of the most powerful and malevolent ghosts of history!" The Dark Phantom and The Living Ghost have a long-standing rivalry, and both of them would like to see the other destroyed. Tony decides he must coerce The Dark Phantom into helping him against The Living Ghost.

Dr. Vandyke gives Tony a relic containing "the ancient symbol of destiny" which will destroy The Dark Phantom. Tony goes to Professor Mavelli to contact the Dark Phantom. The professor conducts a seance, resulting in two of The Dark Phantom's emissaries retrieving Tony through the crystal ball. Tony is transported to the Phantom's lair in Tibet.

Tony meets with the Phantom and convinces him to spare his life if he shows the Phantom where The Living Ghost is located. Flying Tony back to The Living Ghost's cave, the supernatural rivals struggle for dominance. The Dark Phantom triumphs. To finalize his victory, The Dark Phantom makes The Living Ghost part of the side of a mountain with a weird incantation.

The Living Ghost defeated, The Dark Phantom turns to destroy Tony and Gail. Tony shows him the ancient symbol of destiny, causing the phantom to vanish for good. Unfortunately, this action once more releases The Living Ghost from the mountain.

Powers and Abilities

The Dark Phantom mirrors the Living Ghost in abilities. He can raise the dead, has prodigious strength, and can fly. He can turn incorporeal at will, and can become approximately 20-feet-tall.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Adventures into the Unknown #2
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