Public Domain Super Heroes

Real Name

Caius Martius Wheeler

First Appearance

Weird Comics #5 (August 1940)

Original Publisher

Fox Features

Created by

Louis Cazeneuve


A vigilante of Ancient Republic Rome, Caius Martius was given by the gods the power of flight so that he might fight for the rights of the average citizen. One day, he took on an evil sorcerer and was trapped in a block of stone. Later, he emerged in the modern era from the stone to find himself in an American museum. He takes a new last name, "Wheeler," and begins fighting crime in modern society with his new sidekick, Ace, the Amazing Boy, who joins Dart after witnessing a horrifying drive-by shooting which kills his parents. With nothing better to do, Ace joins the Dart as his side-kick, 'Amazing Boy'. The dart can fly and wields a sword in combat.


Public Domain Appearances

  • Weird Comics #5-20

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