Real Name

Dean Denton

First Appearance

Cat-man Comics #1 (1941)

Original Publisher


Created by

Al Ulmer


Dean Denton was a reformed burglar who decided to fight crime as the Deacon to make up for his past misdeeds. He set up shop in an abandoned church in the marshes near Center City. He was assisted by Mickey Matthews, a young boy that he saved from crooks. The Deacon wore a deacon's uniform as a disguise. He had what was essentially a secret public identity - he lived his daily life as the Deacon and everybody knew where he could be reached. Only Mickey Mathews and some of his old associates were aware of his criminal past and knew his real name. He had no superpowers, but he got by using his wits and miscellaneous skills he picked up in his criminal life. He was especially good at breaking into locks and cracking safes (his former criminal associates claimed he was "the best in the biz"), which came in handy in several occasions.

Although Mickey was good friends with the Kitten, Cat-Man's sidekick, the Deacon rarely interacted with Cat-Man. They only teamed up in two stories.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Cat-Man Comics #1-32
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