Real Name


First Appearance

Silver Streak Comics #10 (1941)

Original Publisher

Lev Gleason

Created by

Jack Binder & Carl Formes


Deaglos were bird men created by the magic of the Black Dragon and are foes of Captain Battle. In fact, his sidekick, Nathan Hale, was one until Captain Battle cured him.

Black Dragon created Deaglos by using the spirit of the extinct dodo bird to turn all his prisoners into these 20 feet tall giants with yellow bird-like faces, bulging red eyes, green beaks, pointed ears and a few of the nastier ones have red crest-fins. They have blue-gray wings and feathers about the shoulders and chest but, human torsos otherwise. They are also bulletproof and retain their intelligence and speech however, losing their free will.

Black Dragon sent a division of Deaglos to destroy the navy of an Asian nation but, they are stopped by Captain Battle when he discovered the Deaglos can be killed by radio beams.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Silver Streak Comics #10-12

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