The Death Battalion

Team Roster

The Brain, The Black Clown, The Black Thorn, Dr. Death, The Ghost, The Horned Hood and The Laughing Skull

First Appearance

America's Greatest Comics #1 (1941)

Original Publisher


Created by

Don Rico


The Death Battalion was a team of criminals and fifth columnists dedicated to the destruction of the United States. It was founded by The Brain, and comprised of six deadly super criminals that The Brain helped free from "El Catraz" Penitentiary. In addition to The Brain, the team included The Horned Hood, The Black Thorn, The Black Clown, The Laughing Skull, Dr. Death (2) and Ghost (Fawcett). The team was ultimately defeated when The Brain and several other members were captured by Mr. Scarlet and Pinky. The team had been successful in assassinating several prominent American officials.

Public Domain Appearances

  • America's Greatest Comics #1

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