Lady Debra Seeley

Real Name

Debra Seeley

First Appearance

Famtastic Fears #3 (1953)

Original Publisher


Created by

Frank Belknap Long and Jerry Iger


Lady Debra Seeley owns an ancient druid castle near her property. When people are killed by ghosts of druids who used to live there, Lady Seeley is called upon by the mayor to put a quit to the issue. She leans on Christopher Fenn to assist with the problem. Fenn arrives with his dog Drum. Fenn also brings and his invention, a dematerialization machine, to turn all three of them into immaterial 'ghosts'. With a branch of holly with which he calls upon for protection, he confronts the druid ghosts with Lady Seeley and Drum at his side.

A young servant girl walks into the scene, and the druids prepare to sacrifice her. The druid ghosts grow suspicious when Fenn attempts to extend the protection of the Holly to the young lass. Sensing things going wrong, Drum attacks the head druid. This puts the party in flight to the ruins of a nearby Roman fort, which Fenn thinks the druids will fear. They are able to find sanctuary in the fort, and the ghosts eventually disperse. Fenn and Debra become material again, but they find the body of Drum, who was ritually slain by the druid ghosts.

When Lady Seeley eventually moves away, the villagers tell legends of a ghost dog matching Drum's description. The druid ghosts disappear after that. Christopher Fenn feels certain Drum's ghost keeps the druid spirits at bay.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Fantastic Fears #3
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