Dehyrates help Hank defend against Artopods

Real Name

The Dehyrates

First Appearance

Space Western #43

Original Publisher

Charlton Comics, Inc.

Created by

Walter Gibson


The Dehyrates is a club of science fiction fans (also known as FENS) centered near the Bar-Z ranch owned by Spurs Jackson. While Spurs and Strong Bow are away investigating a situation on the moon, Hank Roper is instructed to meet the Dehyrates, who are to arrive in a plane mocked-up like a spaceship.

When Neptunian Artopods show up in their spacecraft, Hank initially mistakes the Artopods for costumed Dehyrates. Soon it becomes clear the Artopods are a scouting party for an alien invasion of Earth.

When the Dehyrates arrive at the ranch, they disembark from their plane. The Artopods blow it up as soon as they do. Hank explains the situation. The Dehyrates had brought spray guns as part of their costume for fighting BEMS (bug-eyed monsters) in space, knowing the parts of the area was plagued by mosquitoes. The spray guns quickly send the Neptunian Artopods packing. Hank radios Spurs's rocketship, and Strong Bow blows up the Artopods craft when it is leaving Earth.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Space Western #43

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