Denver Doll, the Detective Queen

Real Name


First Appearance

"Denver Doll, the Detective Queen" (in Beadle's Half-Dime Library #277, November, 1882)

Original Publisher

Beadle and Adams

Created by

Edward Lytton Wheeler


Denver Doll lost her mine in a poker game to Jean La Force and was accused of robbery, but returned to restore her name and reclaim her mine. A crack shot and an expert poker player, Denver Doll once commanded a gang called "The Red Shirts." She is described as looking about 18 and being "the handsomest girl sport in the West." She is further described thus: brown hair fell in rippling waves half way to her waist. A plumed slouch hat of snow white; an elegant suit of gray, and patent leather top boots, with a diamond studded 'boiled' shirt, collar, and a sash about her waist beneath the coat made up her costume, and gave her an appearance at once dashing, and characteristic of the the wild roving existence she led.

Her friends included Yakie Strauss (a Dutchman), Little Bill Bethel and Sunflower Sam who managed her mine.


Literary Appearances

Beadle's Half-Dime Library #277, 281, 285, 296

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