Desperate Desmond
Desperate Desmond

Real Name


First Appearance

Desperate Desmond Comic Strip (1910)

Original Publisher

The New York Journal

Created by

Harry Hershfield

Platinum Age Origin

Desperate Desmond was villain straight out of a music hall melodrama of the 18th and 19th century who constantly tried to abduct or harm the a beautiful girl named Rosamond. Claude Eclaire, her heroic boyfriend, always came to her rescue and stopped Desmond's plots. Claude and Rosamond eventually married leaving Desmond heartbroken and without purpose.

Later, Desmond become the enemy of Dauntless Durham, replacing his old enemy Lord Havaglass. The two competed for the hand of Katrina, the rightful heir to the throne of Bulrania. Once again Desmond lost the girl to the hero as Katrina and Durham married at the conclusion of the strip.

Platinum Age Appearances

  • Desperate Desmond (1910-1912)
  • Dauntless Durham of the U.S.A (1913-1914)

Film Serial Appearances

  • Desperate Desmond Almost Succeeds (1911-1912)
  • Desperate Desmond at the Cannon's Mouth

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