Public Domain Super Heroes
The Destroying Devil

Real Name

Bruce Blackburn

First Appearance

Feature Comics #32 (1940)

Original Publisher


Created by

Harry Campbell


Captain Bruce Blackburn was a member of America's intelligence agency. He went undercover in the "Un-American Band." The public believed him dead and used a double named Jackson to foil his "comrades" in the Band. For a short time in his career, Bruce became the costumed hero known as the Destroying Demon.

Powers and Abilities

The Destroying Demon had no powers, but he carried a rubber cable to bungee jump from building to building.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Feature Comics #32-56


  • The strip was titled "Demon of Destruction." However in the story, Blackburn refers to himself as a "Destroying Devil" but his enemies called him a "Destroying Demon."

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