Devilina Dare

Real Name

Colina Amara Hill

First Appearance

August 28, 2018

Original Publisher

Open Source Superheroes Facebook Page

Created by

Marz Workman


Colina is the great-granddaughter of Bart Hill, Daredevil. Through the years, the mantle of the Daredevil has been passed to the next generation. Now, Colina, 16, is the first female in the line, and she's making it her own. To her father's disliking, she has changed all but the duo-tone scheme of her suit. The colors, the style, and the name have all been changed. She does wear the belt her great-grandfather wore as a crimefighter, and she uses the same boomerang. She is sarcastic and loves to beat up criminals.

Powers and Abilities

Trained from childhood to one day carry on, Colina is an expert martial artist and expert with a boomerang, among other weapons.


  • Devilina Dare is an open source character and can be used freely by anyone with no copyright restrictions.

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