Dickie Dean
Dickie Dean

Real Name

Richard "Dickie" Dean

First Appearance

Silver Streak Comics #3 ( March 1940)

Original Publisher

Lev Gleason

Created by

Jack Cole

Golden Age Origin

Richard "Dickie" Dean was an American boy inventor who lived in a small town called Castleton, near Philadelphia. His father, John, worked at the local chemical factory, and his mother's name was Martha. He was described as a 10 year old in his debut appearance, but he aged over time (not quite at the real time rate, but noticeably enough). He was assisted by his best friend, "Zip" Todd, who was less brilliant but no less brave. In his first appearance, Dicky invented a device that could capture sounds from weeks in the past - an invention that he promptly offered to the FBI. Since then, he occasionally passed on some of his inventions to the federal government. The sheer number of inventions he came up with is too great to list. Some of his recurring inventions included the Sky Bug - a vehicle that could fly at high speed and hover at any height - and some variation of an electric gun.

Dickie's primary nemesis was Professor Skinn who abducted his parents, and at one point, turned Dickie evil.

Dickie Dean teamed up with Daredevil when the Nazis tried to steal a code-breaking device he invented to help the war effort. He also knew Swoop Smith, a fellow boy inventor. While the two never actually appeared in the same story, one of Dickie Dean's inventions figured prominently in a Swoop Smith story.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Boy Comics #7
  • Crime Does Not Pay #22
  • Daredevil Comics #1, 12-41
  • Silver Streak Comics #3-10, 12-21
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