Dirk the Demon

Real Name

Dirk Kay

First Appearance

Amazing Mystery Funnies V1 #3(a) (Nov. 1938)

Original Publisher


Created by

Bill Everett


Dirk lives in his castle with his father, Baron Kay. He plans an excavation of a cave with his friends, Reggad, Teddy, and Laddie. Laddie distracts the field guard at the Baron's hydroplane so the group can take it for the expedition.

Taking the vehicle, they meet Reggad at the site where the boy had already taken the required tools. Teddy isn't there with the boxes when they arrive, but they proceed.

Laddie finds a revolver which Dirk examines. It's from 1937 from an inscribed date, "almost 500 years ago". As the two are looking at the pistol, Reg broke a hole into the ground and fell into it.

Retrieving a rope ladder and a flashlight, they find a crazy old codger defending his gold. The old coot has a pistol, and shoots at the boys. The shot hits Laddie, but Reggad and Dirk leap at the crusty miner. Reggad stabs the man with his knife and kills him.

The Baron shows up with Teddy. Baron Kay caught Teddy when he found the hydroplane was missing. Dirk the Demon suggests the old man must have been hermetically sealed in the cave for centuries. Dirk plans to share the gold with his friends, wondering how long it will take to spend.


  • A later story places Dirk Kay in 2330 A.D. In that story, he faces off with a group of masked kidnappers who grab one Princess Nemo. In battling the masked gang, Dirk the Demon puts on a mask he took from one of them.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Amazing Mystery Funnies V1 #3(a), V1 #3(b) cover appearance only, V2 #3

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