Dixon Hawke

Real Name

Dixon Hawke

First Appearance

"The Great Hotel Mystery" (The Saturday Post, April 6, 1912)

Original Publisher

D. C. Thomson & Co. Ltd

Created by



Dixon Hawke was a Scottish detective living and working in Bath Street, Glasgow. After World War I, he moved to a flat on Dover Street in London, opposite the Ritz Hotel, near Picadilly. He was tall, "aquiline," and around 35 years old, with a "clear cut face." He wore a dressing gown while lounging around his quarters, smoking a "blackened briar." He had a secret room where he kept a variety of clothes and disguises, and there was a secret passage out of his flat, which allowed him to go out unnoticed. He drove a powerful Sunbeam roadster. Hawke was well respected, and well connected, sometimes dinning with the Prime Minister. Hawke's adventures took him arouind the world, to hidden civilizations, and pitted him against a wide array of enemies, including mad scientists, voodoo masters and more.

Supporting Cast

Nipper: Hawke's assistant in Glasgow, a boy who sold papers in the street.

Tommy Burke: Hawke's assistant in London.

Mrs. Martha Benvie: Hawke's housekeeper in London.

Wong: Hawke's valet and chauffeur.

Molly Connor: A reporter. [First Appearance; Dixon Hawke Library #1, July, 1919]

Chief Detective Inspector Duncan McPhinney: Hawke's contact on the Glasgow police force.

Detective Chief Inspector Baxter: Hawke's contact from New Scotland Yard.

Solomon: Hawke's faithful and ferocious bloodhound. [First Appearance; Dixon Hawke Library #7, October, 1919]


Between 1912 and 2000, Dixon Hawke appeared in more than 5500 stories, giving him more published literary appearances than any other character. He also appeared in Adventure Comics. Only stories published before 1923 are known to be in the public domain.

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