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Domino Lady
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Real Name

Ellen Patrick

First Appearance

Saucy Romantic Adventures "The Domino Lady Collects" (May 1936)

Original Publisher

Fiction House

Created by

Unknown (pseudonym used was "Lars Anderson")


Ellen Patrick was much more than a University of California socialite - she led a double life as The Domino Lady. When District Attorney Owen Patrick, Ellen's father, was killed, his daughter put on a domino mask to avenge him. Armed with a .45 pistol, a syringe of knockout serum, and her breathtaking beauty, the Domino Lady outwitted criminals who underestimated her based on her looks.

She would steal from her targets, donating most of the profits to charity, but kept a small cut for herself. Like other masked heroes such as the Clock, Domino Lady would leave a calling card. The card read "Compliments of the Domino Lady".


  • The Domino Lady Collects (Saucy Romantic Adventures, May 1936)
  • The Domino Lady Doubles Back (Saucy Romantic Adventures, June 1936)
  • The Domino Lady's Handicap (Saucy Romantic Adventures, July 1936)
  • Emeralds Aboard (Saucy Romantic Adventures, August 1936)
  • Black Legion (Saucy Romantic Adventures, October 1936)
  • The Domino Lady's Double (Mystery Adventure Magazine, November 1936)

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