Domino the Miracle Boy

Real Name


First Appearance

The Green Mask vol. 1 #1 (Summer 1940)

Original Publisher

Fox Features

Created by

Walter Frehm


After a young orphan had the misfortune of getting caught in an explosion meant for the Green Mask, the remorseful hero took the boy to Professor Lascomb, who used his "vita-ray" technology to heal his injuries. The grateful boy decided to become Green Mask's sidekick, Domino.

Powers and Abilities

Though his first appearance stated he acquired the same powers as the Green Mask, he was never shown using them and merely relied on his boomerang.


Public Domain Appearances

  • Mystery Men Comics #14-31
  • The Green Mask vol. 1 #1-9


  • Some sites state "Tracy" as the character's last name however, this never appeared in any of the public domain appearances.

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