Dorset Monster

Real Name


First Appearance

Haunted Thrills #17 (Sept.-Oct. 1954)

Original Publisher


Created by

Frank Belknap Long and Jerry Iger


The Dorset Monster was killing people near the town of Dorset. Doctor Christopher Fenn is called in by the local law enforcement to look into the case. Fenn brings his female companion Wendy along with him. Fenn surmises the creature was invoked by ancient druids to defend against the invading Romans. While performing his investigations, he uses a book called "The Devil's Catalog" to summon three Ghost Roman Soldiers. The ghost Antonius leads the three, one of them named Claudius and the third unidentified.

The Ghost Romans handily dispatch the beast, only to quickly turn on Fenn and Wendy. Fenn calls upon an ancient Roman rule that people may call sanctuary when in a Roman camp until such time as there is a trial held. The Romans confer quickly, returning a guilty verdict and prepared to execute Doctor Fenn and Wendy. The time it took the Romans to confer, however, was enough for Fenn to consult the book and banish them for good.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Haunted Thrills #17
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