Dr. Death
Dr. Death (2).jpg

Real Name

Mr. Ravelle

First Appearance

Wow Comics #2 (Summer 1941)

Original Publisher


Created by

Otto Binder and Jack Binder


Mr. Ravelle was formerly a concert pianist, who after being let go from the orchestra discovered the symphony of death which would kill all who played to it. He decided to exact his revenge on those who fired him by sending them the song and knowing out of curiosity they would play it ending their lives, but he was stopped by Mr. Scarlet.

Later he returned after being freed from jail and recruited to the Death Battalion. In addition to Dr. Death, the team included The Brain, The Black Thorn, the Horned Hood The Black Clown, The Laughing Skull, and the Ghost (Fawcett).

Public Domain Appearances

  • America's Greatest Comics #1
  • Wow Comics #2
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