Dr. Diabole
Dr Diabole

Real Name

Dr. Diabole

First Appearance

Green Hornet Comics #30 (May-June 1946)

Original Publisher


Created by

Bob Fujitani

Golden Age Origin

Dr. Diabole was self-billed as “the world’s greatest scientist." However, while searching for radium in the jungles of the Amazon, he contracted a rare flesh eating virus that left his face basically a skull and drove him insane.

The doctor enlists John Doyle, also known as the heroic Zebra, to help him. However while investigating some strange mass poisonings, Zebra discovered the culprit was none other than Dr. Diabole.

The doctor was trying to prevent his disease from spreading by inoculating the populace. Zebra and Diabole fight and after a close battle Zebra brings the doctor into custody. During the trial as Defense Attorney Doyle, Zebra actually argues for the death penalty for his client since imprisonment would only make him suffer from his agonizing disease.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Green Hornet #30

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