Dr. Drew

Real Name

Dr. Desmond Drew

First Appearance

Rangers Comics #47 (June 1949)

Original Publisher

Fiction House

Created by

Will Eisner and Jerry Grandenetti


Dr. Drew is an occult investigator. He uses deduction as well as East Indian Spirit Trances to solve mysteries and oppose dark occult forces. He solved cases that baffled local police investigator Sgt. Dawson. Drew worked in a laboratory in Bone Castle, a large estate on top of Bone Hill, outside the city, not too far from Dartbane Prison.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Ranger Comics #47-60
  • Ghost Comics #10-11
  • Firehair #8
  • Monster #1
  • Eerie #8


Dr. Drew the Zoo Man appeared in Top Detective Comics #9 (I.W. Publishing) but was a different character.

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