Public Domain Super Heroes
Dr. Fear

Real Name

I.M. Fear

First Appearance

Master Comics #29 (August 1942)

Original Publisher


Created by

Phil Bard


I.M. Fear was a doctor working at West Coast Hospital, who performed experiments in his laboratory late at night. He developed a gas that caused men to go mad with fear, to the point that they would do irrational things such as leaping out of windows for no reason, or revealing their most guarded secrets. He shot the gas out of a flower he wore on his lapel. Dr. Fear was a Shintoist loyal to Japan, the land of his forefathers. He planned to use his gas to help him steal plans and information vital to the defense of the Western United States during World War II. He was eventually defeated by Minute-Man.

Public Domain Appearances

Master Comics #29


  • Dr. Fear was not the first villain to use fear gas. Batman's enemy, Scarecrow, used a similar weapon about a year earlier.