Dr. Fung, Master Sleuth of the Orient

Real Name

Dr. Fung

First Appearance

Wonder Comics #1 (May 1939)

Original Publisher


Created by

Bob Powell (as Arthur Dean)


Dr. Fung was an old, scientific detective who traveled the world solving crimes, with the aid of his young American assistant, Dan Barrister.

His enemies included Khan Gen-Kee and Karno the Chessman.

Powers and Abilities

Dr. Fung was a brilliant detective, versed in the sciences of both the east and the west. Although an older gentleman, and usually relied on Barrister for muscle, Dr. Fung proved useful in a scrap and handy with a gun.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Wonder Comics #1-2
  • Wonderworld Comics #3-33
  • Weekly Comic Magazine #[2]
  • Blue Beetle #5
  • Samson #2
  • The Flame (1940 series) #3
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