Dr. Louva-a-Deus (Mantis)

Real Name

Lucius Mantis

First Appearance


Created by

Cadú Simões & Ricardo Marcelino


Lucius Mantis was a prestigious doctor of entomology and chairman of the Bioscience Institute of the Federal School of Osasco. He loved the ability of insects to adapt to the most adverse conditions, and to be able to achieve fabulous feats and skills compared to their relative sizes. His specialty was the orthopteras (insect order to which they belong crickets and grasshoppers) and mantódeas (order of Mantis) and for years been researching these insects, studying their habits.

Mantis had a thesis that through controlled radiation exposure, was able to transfer the strength and agility of insects to humans, creating a very superior race. He imagined laborers that could produce much more if they had the strength of an ant, for example. He worried that if he told his thesis to anyone he would be branded as crazy, so he started using college labs secretly to conduct his experiments with radiation on insects, starting with crickets.

One day, one of his specimens ran away and accidentally ended up biting a certain college student. His illegal experiments were discovered, and he lost his job at he university and avoided jail time after his lawyer pleaded insanity. He ended up confined in a sanatorium.

The obsession and madness grew in Lucius over time. He began to believe that humans were a weak race that should be exterminated from Earth to make way for a world governed by himself and inhabited by a race of man/insect hybrids that he would create. Lucius then fled the sanatorium to put his world domination plan in place. He then became the dreaded Dr. Louva-a-Deus and arch-nemesis of Homem-Grilo.


The license used to release the Homem-Grilo comic book series into the public domain states that all aspects of his comic series (including the supporting cast) can be used by others to create derivative works for commercial gain but, you must give creator credit.