Dr. Manusala

Real Name


First Appearance

Adventures into the Unknown #10 (April 1950)

Original Publisher


Created by

Pete Riss


In 1506, Dr. Manusala designed a batwing flying device designed to permit its wearer to fly. Bill flies his plane with Trudy as a passenger. The pair travels to to Transylvania to the Doma Castle where Dr. Manusala lived.

Bill reads some of Dr. Manusala's books, and learns the doctor attempted to become a vampire. They find a pit in the middle of the castle, the bottom of which rested a skeleton wearing the batwing device.

Surprised to see the skeleton, Judy drops her lantern in the pit. Bill throws an alchemical potion he finds to douse the fire. Instead, the formula revives the skeleton, and Dr. Manusala returns as a vampire. Bill fights Dr. Manusala off, eventually using a vial of silver chloride to vanquish the vampire.

Powers and Abilities

Dr. Manusala possessed the power of flight by means of his batwing device. He is a vampire, and immortal as long as he can feed off his victims.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Adventures into the Unknown #10
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