Dr. Miracle

Real Name

Dr. Miracle

First Appearance

Champion Comics #9 (July 1940)

Original Publisher


Created by

Louis Cazeneuve?


Dr. Miracle was the Master of Magic (white magic) who used his "miraculous" powers to fight crime and the Axis powers during World War II. His magic powers included telekinesis, the ability to levitate and fly at tremendous speeds, the ability to elongate his own limbs, the ability to transform himself into a flying ball of fire, the ability to walk through solid walls and the ability to cast illusions, often used to disguise himself or others.


The original costume.

He was pretty much given any ability as the plot required, but he was not omnipotent. Apparently, he could not stop bullets, so guns were a potential danger to him. He was not omniscient either, but he was a good detective. Also, he was powerless without the amulet that he wore around his neck. This amulet could neutralize the power of amulets of black magic.

Originally, he had a strong North African sidekick named Akim. Later, he had an unnamed pet tigress who lived with him, and who fearlessly protected her master with little regard for her own safety. She could sense whenever her master was in danger and would do anything for him.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Champion Comics #9-10
  • Champ Comics #11-24
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