Dr. Mystic
Dr. Mystic

Real Name

Dr. Mystic

First Appearance

Comics Magazine #1 (1936)

Original Publisher


Created by

Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster

Golden Age Origin

Dr. Mystic is a powerful magician and occult detective who, after responding to to an attack from a masked giant, uses his magic to grow to the giant's size and do battle. However, when he unmasks the giant, he discovers it is in fact his friend Zator. After explaining that he feigned being a menace to get Mystic's attention, Zator informs him they must travel to India and seek the Seven. The two fly off for their destination faster than the speed of light through the spirit world, but they are stopped by monsters from the netherworld who seem to have taken a young woman hostage. However, this was all a trap set by the villainous Koth, who invites Mystic and Zator to join him in opposing the Seven. The heroes refuse and lunge headlong into battle against Koth's forces. The story then ends with Koth sending his monsters to combat Mystic and with the words "To be continued." Dr. Mystic can do many things thanks to his magic, but only super speed, flight, and growth are demonstrated in this story.

Golden Age Appearance

  • Comics Magazine #1


Dr. Mystic's story was retitled Dr. Occult, so while the Dr. Mystic is in the public domain, any stories published by DC about Dr. Occult are NOT.

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