Dr. Nemesis

Real Name

James Bradley

First Appearance

Lightning Comics #6 (Apr. 1941)

Original Publisher

Ace Magazines

Created by



Dr. James Bradley works at Mercy Hospital treating victims of crime day in and day out. He decides to become a crime fighter and disguises himself with a surgical mask and trenchcoat. He is not afraid to use the tools of his trade on criminals and often uses a needle full of truth serum to get to the bottom of a mystery. His enemies included the Surgeon and X2. He worked together with his fiancee Mary Strong, a nurse who had no idea about his crime fighting secret.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Lightning Comics vol. 1 #6
    • vol.2 #1-6
      • vol. 3 #1
  • Super-Mystery Comics vol. 3 #3-4, 6
    • vol. 4 #1

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