Dr. Plasma
Dr plasma

Real Name

Dr. Plasma

First Appearance

Clue Comics #7 (March 1944)

Original Publisher


Created by

Tony DiPreta


Dr. Plasma was an evil and ugly tattoo artist from the Boy King's homeland of Swisslakia, who is recruited by the Nazis to tattoo on secret financial information on the backs of their agents to keep the information confidential. His activities are discovered by Boy King & Giant and Boy King's identical twin brother, Muggsy. They are captured, but manage to escape and confront Dr. Plasma. The twisted tattoo artist is killed during the conflict, but before Giant hurls the body miles out into the ocean, Muggsy tattoos the following on the doctor's back: "The cost of crime has been paid - my death is the answer."

Public Domain Appearances

  • Clue Comics #7
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