Public Domain Super Heroes
Dr. Jack Quartz

Real Name

Dr. Jack Quartz

First Appearance

The Nick Carter Library #13 (October 31, 1891)

Original Publisher

Street & Smith

Created by



While Dr. Quartz is suave, charming and sophisticated, he is also a raging psychopath who revels in death, blood, torture and atrocity. He enjoys cutting people up, especially beautiful women, and creating grotesque art out of bodies and body parts. He is essentially evil incarnate.

Dr. Quartz was the recurring archenemy of Nick Carter, and arguably the model for the modern super-villain. Quartz was obsessed with dueling Nick Carter in a chess-like fashion and even sent him letters with clues to the terrible crimes he intended to commit. In response to Carter's School for Detectives, Dr. Quartz created a Crime School. Quartz took on a number of assistants including Zanoni, The Woman Wizard, Dr. Crystal and Gaston Dupont. Quartz also gathered some of Carter's greatest enemies into a team of super villains.

Dr. Quartz was highly intelligent, well versed in all fields. He could hypnotize people and knew a number of magic tricks. He also developed a solution that caused a person to go into a state of suspended animation. Somehow, he managed to survive certain death a number of times.