Dr. Synthe

Real Name

Dr. Synthe

First Appearance

Stars & Stripes Comics #3 (1941)

Original Publisher


Created by

Francis Campbell & Taylor


Dr. Synthe was an enormous energy-based alien from Mo, a planet located a million light years from Earth. Like the rest of his species, he had an ability to create and destroy any object by manipulating electrons. While traveling through the solar system, he crash-landed in Long Island, NY. Or, to be more specific, he crash-landed straight through the boat that belonged to Ray Rogers. The young man hoped to sell the boat in order to raise money to save his terminally ill girlfriend, Betty Jordan. Dr. Synthe tried to ask Ray what planet he was on, only to realize that his form terrified the young man, so he transformed himself into a human. Upon learning of Ray's plight, he used his powers to heal her. And, because he was a good natured being, Dr. Synthe decided to reward his new friends by giving them anything they desired. Unfortunately, they got them into trouble with the law enforcement, which took the dim view of a young couple suddenly getting goods they could not possibly afford. Luckily for them, Dr. Synthe arrived just in time to prove that their story wasn't as crazy as it sounded.

Although he could have recreated his spaceship any time he wished, Dr. Synthe decided to stay behind and stop crimes and anything else that might threaten his new friends and (by extension) the planet they lived on.

Unlike certain homicidal omnipotent aliens, Dr. Synthe wasn't particularly violent and was usually prepared to believe the best about everyone. He tried his best to follow Earth laws and customs, but, because he was an alien, he inevitably made mistakes and failed to fully think through the consequences of his actions. As an energy being, he had no concept of death (he merely found the war "boring"), but he understood enough to protect his friends from harm.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Stars & Stripes Comics #3-6


  • The land of Mo mentioned here was, very obviously, not connected to this land of Mo but, could form the basis of a good story if someone so desired!
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