Dragon Force
Members (clockwise from top left): Down Load, Spook, Lucky, Hunter, Grease Monkey, Cherokee, Blue Blood, Big Thunder, and Commander Dragon.

Real Names


First Appearance

July 9, 2013

Created by

Corey Grant


Dragon Force is a secret black ops anti-terrorist unit. It's not known for sure just who they work for: CIA, FBI, ICE, Homeland, the UN? Heavy artillery & explosion experts!


  • Down Load: Trained in hand to hand combat, all fire arms, and is a computer expert. With the help of his "tech suit," Down Load can interface with almost any computer.
  • Spook: Highly trained in all fire arms & several other weapons, master of stealth.
  • Lucky: A former sniper, Lucky ALWAYS hits his targets no matter the conditions which is how he got his name! No one is sure how he lost one of his eyes, there are several stories & he won't let you know which one is true.
  • Hunter: Hunter is a former investigator for the Military Police & the team's tracker who has been trained in all hand to hand combat & fire arms. Also has a law degree.
  • Grease Monkey: Former member of the Black Death Motorcycle Brotherhood. Rumored to be a descendent of Jesse James (the 2 six shooters he has are also rumored to have been Jesse's). Has an unknown history with Commander Dragon.
  • Cherokee: A full blooded Cherokee Indian, the only woman on the team and probably one of the toughest. Trained in hand to hand combat and all silent weapons & fire arms.
  • Blue Blood: It is rumoured that this ex-MI6 agent has ties to the Royal Family and, thus, the reason for his code name. Blue Blood is British. Emotions never get in the way of his job. He is all about honour & duty. Trained in hand to hand combat. Expert marksman. Trained in counter intelligence.
  • Big Thunder: Commander Dragon's best friend. Heavy artillery & explosion expert. Trained in hand to hand combat, all fire arms, explosives, counter intelligence.
  • Commander Dragon: Team Leader. Big Thunder's best friend and the only team member whose real name is known: Derek Dragon is Asian American and trained in several weapons & hand to hand combat. He is a natural born leader & that's why he has the job. Master of several martial arts, expert marksman & highly skilled in the use of all blades & firearms. Highly trained in counter intelligence.


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