Public Domain Super Heroes

Real Name


First Appearance

Target Comics vol. 2 #1 (1941)

Original Publisher


Created by

Basil Wolverton


In the kingdom of Noom on the planet Neptune is the evil scientist known as Droon. In order to gain control of the Valley of Ojah, Droon uses Queen Haba's feelings for the hero Spacehawk to strike a bargain with her: he will get Spacehawk to come to Neptune and show his love for her if she deeds him the barren valley. He tortures his assistant Jod to the point of a murderous rage and amplifying those thoughts across space, brings Spacehawk to him who feels these emotions emanating from the planet. When the hero comes to his lab he uses hypnosis to control him. The queen comes to Droon’s lab where Spacehawk professes his feeling for her. Droon impatiently request the deed for the valley of Ojah when Spacehawk confesses his ruse. Unfazed by the villains hypnosis he only sought to uncover Droons true intentions, to use the minerals in the valley to attack Earth. The two fight, with Droon being knocked to the floor where he escapes to another room grabbing a fire gun. The villain fires the gun from the top of a tower at the queen and Spacehawk. Unknown to him, Jod still angry from being tortured attacks him and they both fall from the tower to the jagged rocks hundreds of feet below.

Powers and Abilities

Droon is an advanced scientist able to create fantastic inventions and devices. He has also demonstrated a level of hypnotic ability, being able to entrance an individual through eye-to-eye contact.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Target Comics vol. 2 #1-2
  • Blue Bolt Comics #106

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