Duke of Darkness

Real Name

Danny “Paddy” Sullivan

First Appearance

Triple Threat Comics #1 (Winter 1945)

Original Publisher

Holyoke /Gerona

Created by

Sam Cooper & John Giunta


The Duke of Darkness was Danny “Paddy” Sullivan, a police officer from an unnamed American city. When he was killed in the line of duty, Danny discovered that he continued to exist as an "Earth-bound spirit." He decided to continue fighting crime as the Duke of Darkness.

His powers include intangibility, flight, super strength, and the ability to perceive & battle ghosts and demons. Even though he's a "ghost," he is able to be knocked out by a bump on the head such as in his first adventure. The Duke of Darkness battles villains such as Professor Evil and Mr. Slumber, who attack people through their dreams. A police captain whom Danny once served under viewed the Duke of Darkness as a very mundane nutcase and kept trying to lock him up. Although Danny could escape at any time, he humored his former boss in between solving crimes.

Duke of Darkness 002

Danny becomes the Duke

Public Domain Appearances

  • Top Spot Comics
  • KO Komics
  • Triple Threat Comics
  • Atomic Bomb (cover only)

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