Dutch Dolls

Real Name

Peggy, Sarah Jane, Meg, Weg Deutchland (as well as 8 others whose first names are unknown)

First Appearance

The Adventures of Two Dutch Dolls and a Golliwogg (1895)

Created by

Bertha & Florence Upton



Peggy & Sarah Jane Deutchland.

Every year on Christmas Eve, before the humans get up, toys come alive to enjoy what humans get to do all year long. Two (of the many) wooden Dutch dolls who get up to meet the other toys are Peggy & Sarah Jane Deutchland. They begin by making themselves dresses from an American flag (Sarah Jane in the stars and Peggy in the red & white stripes). Among the other toys they meet are a curly haired doll in gay attire, a rocking horse, a Jack-in-the-Box, Scissors Boy, a handsome soldier, a clown, a jovial African, a Magnate from Japan, a musician named Sambo and, eventually, the Golliwogg.

At first frightened by the Golliwogg, the girls soon realise he is friendly and travel outside of the house and into the cold snow where they entertain themselves with a snowball fight until the Golliwogg falls through the ice. Thanks to the quick-thinking of Peggy, he is saved and all the toys return home before the sun comes up in the morning.


Meg & Weg with the unnamed "Midget."

Public Domain Appearances

  • The Adventures of Two Dutch Dolls and a Golliwogg


  • It's not known why the title only refers to "two Dutch dolls" when it is five, in fact, who have the adventure with the Golliwogg and there are 12 dolls altogether?
  • It is also never stated why Dutch dolls would choose an American flag to make clothing out of.

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