Dwarfs of Belzar

Real Name

Dwarfs of Belzar

First Appearance

Space Busters #1 (Spring 1952)

Original Publisher


Created by

Bernie Krigstein


The Belzarian Pigmy Soldiers serve the Empress of Belzar as a fighting force.

Lieutenant April Wing argues with Captain Brett Crockett over the fact she should be on the front lines attending to the wounded Space-Busters. The battle cuts the argument short, leaving April at the field station.

Crockett and Sergeant Bolo begin using flame-throwers to fight an assault of Belzarian tanks. When this is ineffectual against the vehicles, they use them to drive away the Pigmy Soldiers. April Wing tries to resist, but one of the Pigmy Soldiers named Lomax captures her.

The Pigmy Soldiers take April to the Empress. The Empress doesn't want her, and Senstral wants her shot immediately. The Pigmys ask to take April as a blood sacrifice to their god, Wardo. The Empress wishes to attend the ceremony with Senstral.

Captain Crockett searches furiously for April, running across a contingent of Martian Partisans. They agree to help Crockett in the search when another of their group arrives. He describes a gathering of the Dwarfs of Belzar in the "rock ampitheater" where they are preparing to sacrifice April.

Brett and the partisans arrive in time to stop the sacrifice. Standing with the Empress, Senstral holds a weapon on Brett. Brett runs away carrying April, but manages to shoot Senstral with his rifle, which he holds in his one free hand.

The Martian Partisans defeat the dwarfs, leaving the Empress of Belzar berating Senstral for the failure. Captain Crockett takes a captured dwarf along as a 'souvenir' and gives it to Sergeant Bolo. Brett suggests the dwarf may give Bolo the secret of hair-growth.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Space Busters #1

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