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Dynamic Man
Dynamic Man.jpg

Real Name

Bert McQuade

First Appearance

Dynamic Comics #1 (October 1941)

Original Publisher

Harry 'A' Chesler

Created by



First Origin

Dynamic Man was created by Dr. Moore to fight the forces of darkness personified by the Yellow Spot. The Spot used his evil witchcraft to kill off or enter the minds of American scientists. He could travel as a bat and went into the home of Dr. Moore to kill him. While being stabbed, Moore somehow managed to throw the switch, giving life to his creation. The Yellow Spot's fiendish plan was put to a stop by Dynamic Man, who released the trapped minds of the other scientists and eliminated the Yellow Spot, who could only be killed in his bat form.

Second Version

High school basketball coach Bert McQuade get put through a series of treatments by Dr. Stahl. These result in Bert gaining super powers. Bert puts on a costume and, with brother Ricky as his sidekick, Dynamic Boy, fights crime.

Powers and Abilities

In both cases, the Dynamic Man could fly, was strong enough to lift a car, and was invulnerable to bullets and acid. The first origin had above-average intelligence by the virtue of being an android.

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Public Domain Appearances

  • Dynamic Comics #1-3, 8-24
  • Daring Adventures #10-11, 16
  • Dynamic Comics #1


  • Dynamic Man was possibly given two origins because Timely Comics already had an android character with the same name.
  • Dynamic Man's adventures were re-printed in the 1960's by I.W. Publishing. Cover art for the books depict a completely different costume.

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