Edison Bell
Edison Bell
Jeff and Edison

Real Name

Edison Bell

First Appearance

Blue Bolt Comics v1#1 (1940)

Original Publisher


Created by

Harold DeLay

Golden Age Origin

Edison "Eddie" Bell was an American teenage inventor and builder. He was assisted by his pal Jerry, who was something of an inventor in his own right. When they were younger, the boys invented things like robots, rocket cars, and atom-smashers. However as he aged, Edison built simpler things such as a bicycle garage. His inventions would often get the attention of villainous men.

In contrast to other teenage inventors, Edison Bell's inventions had a very home-made look. Even the most fantastic devices looked like they were something a boy his age could conceivably build in his own back yard. In fact, many of his stories ended with instructions that (theoretically) allowed readers to replicate whatever invention was featured in the story in question.

Like many other characters his age, he aged visibly over the course of his appearances, going from pre-teen to teenager to young man.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Blue Bolt Comics #1-101
  • 4 Most #1-35
  • Dick Cole #1,4
  • Four-Most Boys Comics #37-40

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