Real Name


First Appearance

Adventures into the Unknown #4 (April 1949)

Original Publisher


Created by

Jon Blummer


Tom Andrews has his assistant Betty examine old manuscripts from ancient Egypt. She discovers records for a tomb of a god. Andrews gets Edward Clinton to fund an expedition to find the tomb. They do just that, discovering a mummy of a giant. The giant wakes up and divests itself of the wrappings.

The giant explains that his name is El-Rano and he comes from 50,000 years earlier when his people were the dominant race. A ruthless conqueror named El-Clani warred with others, using deadly weapons. This war eventually destroys the civilization. El-Rano uses a large spherical device to show them images from the past.

Using the sphere, El-Rano takes Betty and Tom to the past to show them his time, leaving Clinton in the burial chamber. They watch El-Clani preach hate against his enemy to the soldiers. El-Clani sees El-Rano and his companions, telling his men to capture them. After escaping on a "space flyer", they are pursued by El-Clani and soldiers. El-Clani catches Tom and Betty, causing El-Rano to fight off the despot as they flee.

Clinton figures out how to use the sphere and rescue Tom and Betty. Back in the chamber, they watch images in the sphere as El-Rano fights with El-Clani. Eventually, they see the world destroyed. Clinton expresses his plans to take over the world with the strange weapons of the past. Tom punches Clinton, Clinton falls through the opening into the burial chamber, crashing into the sphere. This cracks and explodes, destroying everything in the room, including Clinton. The mummy of El-Rano disappears, as he was destroyed with his world.

Powers and abilities

El-Rano has great strength relative to his size. He has access to advanced knowledge of a lost civilization and a time-travel device. The device permits viewing the past as well as physical travel to it. El-Rano's voice is hypnotic, causing those who hear it to obey his commands.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Adventures into the Unknown #4
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