Elfreda shows off one of her transformed victims

Real Name


First Appearance

Dark Mysteries #9 (1951)

Original Publisher

Master Comics

Created by

Hy Fleishman

Elfreda was a character in the Dark Mysteries series produced by Story Comics[1]. Her only appearance was in the story Medusa in Dark Mysteries #9.

Powers and Abilities

Elfreda is initially described as a beautiful circus performer with a love of snakes. Jeff Loundes, a man who has had a life-long hatred for snakes to the point of killing any snakes he sees, is smitten with her charm and her performances in the circus. Very soon, Loundes proposes to her, but finds out to his horror that she has the supernatural power of transforming things into snakes. Elfreda reveals that she sought out Loundes to avenge the death of piltdown snakes that he had murdered earlier in his life despite the protestations of an elderly woman.

Elfreda transforms Jeff Loundes into a pet snake

Loundes tries to escape from her, but his plan fails as he falls in a pit of snakes. As Elfreda approaches the pit and Loundes pleads with her not to kill him, she discloses mysteriously that her plan was never to kill him. She then magically transforms Loundes into one of her pet snakes. She is later depicted showing her new snake, which she calls "Jeff", to her circus manager.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Dark Mysteries #9 (Story Comics)


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