Elliot O'Donnell, Specialist in Spooks

Real Name

Elliot O'Donnell

First Appearance

Adventures into the Unknown #4 (April 1949)

Original Publisher


Created by

Charles Sultan


"I don't expect the average person to believe in ghosts...anymore than people "believed" in the New World before Columbus discovered it! Maybe it's a gift---or perhaps a curse---but whatever makes some people see ghosts---I've got it!" - Elliot O'Donnell, Specialist in Spooks

At the age of 18, in the year of 1892, Elliot O'Donnell rented an apartment. He clearly observed a ghost one night in the apartment. After academic failure, he decided to study the supernatural world inhabited by ghosts and other entities. He enjoyed a successful career investigating claims of the supernatural and helping free people from supernatural manifestations.

As an example, Elliot is shown to exorcise a werewolf haunting a house.

Powers and abilities

Elliot O'Donnell, Specialist in Spooks, has an uncanny ability to detect ghosts and other supernatural beings. He can acknowledge the existence of such creatures and exorcise them.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Adventures into the Unknown #4
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