Enchanted Dagger

Real Name

Roger Chalmers

First Appearance

Yankee Comics #1 (1941)

Original Publisher

Harry 'A' Chesler

Created by

George Tuska


Roger's father Henry Chalmers once saved the chief of the African Mountain Men from a jungle beast. The chief was grateful and promised to give Chalmers the "enchanted dagger" when he returned. However he does not return and ends up dying several years later, so his son Roger Chalmers travels to the jungle and found the tribe in danger once again. The mountain men were under attack by the Longees tribe. Roger fought them off and was then given the dagger promised to his father so many years ago. Chalmers found the dagger eerie, but kept the blade which had the following inscribed on it: "The true owner shall forever be immune to it's great powers".

He decides to become a crime fighter called Enchanted Dagger and fights criminals in Washington, DC once he returns to the States. His enemies included Carro.

Dagger's Red Costume

Powers and Abilities

Roger Chamlers has no superpowers, but his dagger did have several magic powers. It paralyze anyone it landed near and also force them to tell only the truth. Roger was immune to the dagger's powers since he was the "true owner" of the blade.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Yankee Comics #1-4
  • Scoop Comics #8 (Re-print)
  • Danger #17 (Re-print)
  • Strange Planets #9 (Re-print)

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