Zombie Goddess Erzulie Bocor

Real Name

Erzulie Bocor

First Appearance

Adventures into the Unknown #7 (Oct. 1949)

Original Publisher


Created by

Pete Riss


An illustrator named Bill is in need of material for a story about Haiti. He asks Sheila to help him out. Sheila suggests going to the museum to take photos of a Haitian display there, including voodoo artifacts.

They hear drumming at the museum. They see a woman stealing a drum from the display. Bill takes a photo of the woman, but the woman gets away when Bill runs into a manikin of a zombie. Dr. Wenrod, the museum's curator, asks Bill for a copy of the photo when it's developed.

The woman shows up to ask Bill for the photo. Bill refuses, saying he'd given the photo to Sheila. The woman threatens him and leaves. Bill calls the airport, and discovers the woman's name is Erzulie Bocor who flew in from Haiti, but no other details were available.

He goes to Sheila and discovers she has been turned into a zombie. Bill consults Dr. Wenrod, who says Erzulie can be destroyed by developing the photo.

Using hypnotism, Bill has Dr. Wenrod place Bill in a trance. This permits Bill to follows a zombie-spirit to Haiti. Bill finds Sheila there. He confronts Erzulie and her zombies in a graveyard. Dr. Wenrod shows up with the undeveloped film. The police develop the photo in the back of a van, which destroys Erzulie.

Powers and abilities

Zombie Goddess Erzulie Bocor, using the zombie drum, can create and control zombies.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Adventures into the Unknown #7
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